The Business-to-Community Stars program rewards excellent customer service by businesses in Ellensburg. The purpose of the program is to increase the incidence of excellent customer service by rewarding it when it occurs.

The City of Ellensburg, the Ellensburg Downtown Association, the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce, and Central Washington University want to promote a vibrant business climate and welcoming community.  Excellent customer service is essential to the health of our businesses—both public and private.



Ellensburg is one of Washington's founding communities. Downtown places eclectic shops and restaurants next to beautiful and historic buildings, most constructed between 1889 and 1917.

Shoppers can stroll quiet downtown streets and then share a shady bench with the famous Ellensburg Bull. Discover Ellensburg's world-famous chimpanzees or swing by the library and find out what new outfit Kit Coyote is sporting. Weekends bring delicious local food and fresh produce, regional crafts, and eclectic entertainment downtown at the Kittitas County Farmers Market.

Ellensburg is home of some of the top arts and cultural events in Washington, including Jazz in the Valley, Dachshunds on Parade, Buskers in the "Burg, and Spirit of the West. As one of the 10 most beautiful towns in Washington, Ellensburg also is one of America’s top “Distinctive Destinations,” according to the National Historic Land Trust. is a great place to get the latest info on what's happening during your visit to Ellensburg. Welcome to Ellensburg! We hope you enjoy your stay!



B2C makes it easy for customers to spot our community's top customer service establishments. The B2C Stars program rewards and encourages outstanding customer service by providing businesses and organizations:

-- A window cling that identifies you as a B2C Star.

-- Inclusion in an official list of B2C Stars published in local newspapers, and on sponsor websites, including Jerrol’s customer service web page.

-- Permission to use the B2C Stars logo in their own marketing.

-- Preferential consideration in CWU contracting and special CWU on-campus advertising opportunities.


B2C helps businesses understand the expectations of a changing customer base by providing training and providing customer feedback as it occurs.



It’s What Customers Will Remember 

Customers aren’t just looking at your products, but speaking and working with someone who is  supposed to represent your company. 

It Shows Customers You Care

Customers who feel as though a company cares about them are much more likely to refer others and become repeat customers.

It’s a Great Marketing Angle

Good customer service is sure to bring you in more customers—especially when other real-life customers are talking about how great your customer service is.

It Reflects Heavily On Your Entire Business

If you have good customer service, people naturally assume you have good products.



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